Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

it was a good game in theory but...

the game restarts every 10 minutes or so earsing all of your work which is why im gonna give this a 0

F1Krazy responds:

So just for a glitch you're giving me a 0? That's pretty retarded, man.


It was WHORIBLE ! I don't know how it even got to 3.00 ...


bad the game started all over at a point and there was not enough stuff at all!

dumb u cant even make a frame by frame

waste of my time


oh man i love this game only reason i gave it no stars is ccause i worked on it for 2 hours and bam it reseted i wanted to put it as my newgrounds picture *crys* btw congradulations its the first time i gave zero stars to any body dont feel bad though i love the game just fix the glitch and there will be a one before the zero

F1Krazy responds:

Let's face facts here.

The restart happens after 16 minutes or so, so there's no way you could have worked on that scene for 2 hours.

There's a button on your keyboard labelled 'Print Screen'. It takes screenshots. Learn to use it.

And giving someone a 0 just because of one single thing is a pretty shitty thing to do.

Good day.