Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


Not enaugh piesces!!!

F1Krazy responds:

Doesn't mean you have to give it a 3, dude.

same thing

dude not to be dissing you but the best thing about your flash was the preloader...
i can do those thing's you do with your flash using "print screen" while whatching "madness"
i bet by now you should be like "OMG im gona put useless review". well it's my opinion and if you read carefuly my review you'l see that your flash is worthless because there's a better and cooler way to do what your flash does..
in conclusion you should consider doing animation's instead of this "flash".

This is garbage!

wtf? how is this bulltshit fun? you do nothing but drag stuff over. a hell of alot more action would've done this peice of shit more justice

not what i expected

i thought you would be able to make your own animation of some sort, but it works, i guess

i love it even if hank is'nt here