Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


hmmm, its OK, but theres a few things that despeatly need fixing.

- there needs to be an option to delete objects.
- why is my Madness dude holding a gun in his left hand and its going round the right side of his head, im thinking a layering option... (hold 'pluss' or 'minus' symbols then click, its an idea)
- a variety of music, cuz that tune is gaiii.
- a variety of backgrounds and scenes, maybe the newgrounds office?
- eastereggs would be nice.
- who gives a fuck about sprites, make some of your own weapons.
- get rid of that text to the left, instead put an option button (like most games do)
- more weapons, it might seem like there isnt any room, but there are these new things called scollbars.
- yes there are bugs, my music stopped (thank god)
- quality options would be nice.
- its too bold and boring, brighten it up a bit
- the layout looks like it was drawn in paint, so make an effort.
- you can tell you hadnt drawn anything here, well except maybe the layout.

I would seriously consider looking at some of the better dress up games before making another.

this game is good, i just dont realise how it made front page.
nevermind top game.

Could be really great.

You've seemed to miss a few things that should mandatory for these scene creators, so I'll list some things that can make this really awesome.
First, I need a button to delete everything on screen at once. If I mess up or think of something cooler to do I need to get rid of everything quickly. Second, I would really one of every object with a flip button in case I want it the other way as well as a rotate button. This will unclutter what is already on screen and leave you room to add new objects. I would also like a bigger list of tracks to listen to, or a button to just stop the music because what is on there isn't good. Finally, More heads, accessory's, backgrounds, and body's. And like what nuke583 said, I would like bullets and empty shells as well as that fire that comes off a gun to make it look as if it's just been fired.
I hope you will take into account what I've said and make a truly great Madness scene creator.

One thing

The game is cool but the bodys look like dildos

i have some ideas if itl help?.?

maby u cood ad an ax a cast you no the kind that hank put on every time he died. christan bale face ha! and how abowt the auditor if you can get a sprite for him.Great game though i give it a six!

its a great game but it keeps sending me back to the starting animation