Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


I liked it but i think bullet trails and firing would be nice.

F1Krazy responds:

Yeah, I'll add those.


Awesome game, and cool fetures. Only problem was i was in the middle of making a fight scene and it just restared automaticly. So yeah, i think you need to look at that. (Or maybe it was just my computer, who knows)

F1Krazy responds:

That's a thing in the game, where it resets every 16 minutes. I'll try and fix that.

very very cool

this game was a lot of fun, i'm definitely looking forward to the next installment. i have a few suggestions as to what should be added / fixed. first off, the game puts you back at the preloader after maybe 10 minutes of play time...i'm guessing that's a bug. i also think you should be able to pick which item overlaps the other. a restart button would be cool, which was said by others already. more character models would be cool; i was fine with the number of weapons, but i mean obviously feel free to add more. it'd be cool if there was a way to save, print, or send your scenes so that you can show off your crazy madness scenes.
thanks for the game, cant wait for the next one

good job

okay I dont meen to be rude or anything but I got really pissed off because there is not infinite time.

Not Bad