Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

nice job

the charecters were very well detailed and nicely done while i did axcedently clutter the screen and couldnt find a way to delete things it was still a good game

F1Krazy responds:

You can't delete things, you have to drag them back to where they were. I might fix that.

The best

It's simply the best madness scene creator so far, mainly because of the rotations! The only downfall is the low variety of characters. fix that up, and you're all set!


Next Scene Creator, get alot more stuff like costumes, guns, characters and shit like that. It was really fun though, its great. Good work man.


oh cool

One prob...

While i'm playin' the scene creator turns of and the "Proceed" pops up again and then i have to do all over.... I don't know is someone else has the problems with this one. But make shure cause in next scene creator that wouldn't happen, please. Oh and need some animation. But the rest is awesome. :D

F1Krazy responds:

Not sure about animation, but I can certainly try to eliminate the restart glitch.