Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

great but..

it would have been a perfect 10 if you could have let us save each pictur and made it into a slide show.
ohh and there need to pe picturs of bullet tracer rounds.

p.s wheres jesus?

F1Krazy responds:

1. Picture saving involves complicated AS skills. I know about enough AS to throw this game together.
2. Bullet..tracer...what?!
3. Couldn't find any sprites. Seriously, I searched all through Google and not a single decent spritesheet.


I got a little retard playing with that one... the middle finger really rulz...and you can
make some funny scenes.
But i didn't got how to delete pieces already cloned, is that possible?
And the sound really sux, really annoying music...

But a funny game after all...

F1Krazy responds:

No, you can't delete objects.

And the music being annoying is your opinion. I'll add music selection to MMSC4...or at least try...


I think this is godly but it whoud be better with more space

F1Krazy responds:


good but...

good but wheres hank or the savior?
it needs those two characters it needs more weapons and it needs zombie hands
still 9/10