Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

awesome... but

this is awesome, i love how your accually able to rotate the parts and stuff. it just need a few things

1. needs 1s and 0s on the sword
2. needs the ring thingy
3. needs hanks bandages
4. needs some senery items
5. and it suddenly jumped to the 1st frame for some reason

Happy maddness day!!!

F1Krazy responds:

1. The sword is a generic sword, it's not the 316 Sword.
2. I will add Jebus to MMSC4.
3. I will add Hank to MMSC4.
4. I can't draw scenery items that well.
5. It repeats every 15 minutes. I can't do anything about that.

dude, i likey

arite, this i awesome. love the music, love madness. only thing it needs r more body variations. looks awesome though.

Sweet flash

Pretty fuckin sweet but if your on there to long it closes your art and i didnt like that
But over all damn good game

It's fun

I think i'll give u a 9 because U can't do anything with the weapon especially when U want it to shoot.I hope U will fix the error and come up with something that deserves a 10


Awesome... could be better tho... needs more blood and backrounds and more space to fit a massive battle scene..... and had like 4 MIBs fighting like 6 green things its was awesome