Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

Could use a few additions....

A very good scene creator overall howeve it could use the following:

-A way to add depth to your scene i.e if a sword appears in front of a body you can make it appear as though it's behind it instead.
-A few types of bullets and their casings would be an excellent addition.
-The addition of some(sorry about this it has to be said)zombie hands and/or the some accesories like new hats,facial hair etc...
-Some extra wounds.
-And a way to change the background.
-And remove the bug that returns you to the main screen after 15-30mins.

Still a great game though so congrats on it.


im want to rotate and no rotate =(!!!


i doubt u will put this in but u cud put a background scroller

thats almost as good as

the others


cool but not COOL enough XD