Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


here's just a little hint: 1. right-clik on the mouse and press print. you can make a comic with this!
2. to make a headless guy, just take the feet and body, and add the bloody bulletholes all over the neck. adds gorieness to any random situation!

Some Help For The Auto Quitting

Right click and press play once you have loaded the game and volla!
You should have infinite time of making a scene!

And this scene creator is very well made. Just a little bit of updates, and it could be a daily feature!!!

Heh, for The Guy Under ME ^_^

You Have to Hold The Arrow Keys, And Then Click on the item to Rotate....


this game is cool,i play it pretty often.but i still dont get how to rotate the items.if you know how,please tell me.

is my fave

if i could i would play this evry day is the best the wepons the varieoty and the props ceep on makein these and the grumpy critics wont hav a cow