Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

now wtf!!!

because i love madness i gave it 8.
when the song stopped the proceed menu comes up and i didnt even finish the scene>.<
dude fix it

Oh Yea

Nice, but u might wanna add some more stuffs. And it might've been better if the people were smaller because u know,..... It takes too much space when I play it!


love it 9,000/10 9,000/5 woot

beats me!

man that was good

very good

good,but i would like to post my suggesstions.here they are,

:how about a chainsaw
:maybe scenery(desk,doors,glass,etc..)
:maybe more deatailed sprites(bandage wrapped around head and chest....etc)
:flamethrower(i dont know if that is possible)
:movie making program(though i doubt you would have time,but it would be cool)
:bullets that are in air.
:face expressions
:maybe like more suits....(like swatgear,night vsion googles,police clear sheilds) and boy that was long.plz consider some of these and resond back if possible.