Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

When the crazy clown comes in, he instantly kills a man. Suddenly he sees a zombie, and another clown. When he understood, he said; "you!" and then felt a gun in his neck.

this, is the best maddenes game that I've played!

(LOVE IT!)Episode 1
One sunny afternoon, A guard and some others were guarding as 2 prisoners, one got scratched, one got shot, They pointed their guns at them, and the prisoners rioted the armoury and got the guard hat. and guns,

Guard 1(Holds M16):WHAT ARE YOU DOING!

Prisoner 1(Holds MP5):Oh nothing *shoots guard 1*

Guard 1:ARGH!!!

Prisoner 2(Holds pistol):Hello... *Shoots guard 3*
Guard 3(Holds the Bat):ARGH!
They start assaulting, when a rouge guard helps them
Rouge Guard: Cmon, *Shoots all guards in arms*
They get out as the police confronts them, all of a sudden, a hidden sniper
comes in the tower and headshots the policeman, they are relieved

To be continued
(Episode 2 coming soon)

I dont know how to rotate

Love it