Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

well i would like it with hands with blood but nvm its cool now i know to do that better oh and the bodyes are funny oh i would like to make things big and small and put more hats plz

F1Krazy responds:

This isn't really helpful feedback. Is there anything in particular you disliked about the game?


I like this game but it's not the greatest thing but hey! the creators atleast tried to make it good! i would like hank,jesus and zombie hands but i think it's okay i can live without any of the things i said.

Hey,you can pass me the rotate code?

Hey check out my scene please https://gyazo.com/6ff1bebec13bd91f1a151a28189d7dfb
Man:Fuck you all! I'm getting sick and fucking tired of my people getting killed!
Man with hat:Well i'm sorry for doing th-
Man:*Pulls out gun* Not so fast!
Man with hat:*Drops gun with shock* O_O'
Man:Yeah that's right be surprised!
Man:Nothing you can do about it!
Agent:Except me! *Pulls out revolver out of pocket and shoots man then takes out katana and slices Man's head clean off and man dies*
Script:Jebus raised out one zombie then gives it a knife.
Script:The zombie then stabs the man in the hat in the back that fore he is now dead.
Script:The Agent walks away because his job was now done.