Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

boi i like this
could you please add a few more things?
idk what but add

F1Krazy responds:

You should check out the most recent version, Madness Scene Creator 5, which has more of everything.


Decent game

Has all the makes of a great game, some nice "MUSIC" some nice parts to put it all together, An Irresistible taste of fire, A crowd pleaser full of energy and quality. Thats what I would sum it upo so that also tells me you know what you are doing with some good ideas and skills. You have shown how Dazzling it can be if you just add in the time and you have done just that and more, Now to Rejuvinate it to even higer levels, of excitement.

I would suggest adding even more parts and props.


F1Krazy responds:

Glad you enjoyed it! You should check out my later version, Madness Scene Creator 5, which has a lot more parts and backgrounds to play with.

Maybe add a noose or other crap? 5/5

Almost Best