Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

quite good

ive seen some with more features, but this one definately deserves an 8.
so my only comment is; add more features

great game

you cant stress enough , more backgrounds, more bodies, and more weapons. this is a game with a great idea and deserves a 9 as such


i've make a monster that all other player can't make.(oh yea,you need to make it a big space and make list will ya.4 list 1 list full of item 1 list full of weapon 1 list full of hands and other thing last list for charecter and bodyparts.)

100% Cool material

That was the coolest Madness related game I have ever played. Your idea of making a Madness scene is really creative. That game is definatly going to my favorites list. Keep up the good work :)


this sscene creator was amazing, i absolutely loved it. can't wait to see what stuff you add to th next one!