Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


The only things it could use is muzzle flash, some more weapons, and a bigger work area.

I dont care what you think

I think its sad when people use sprites for madness. Any nromal person would agree. Just f@$king draw it your damn self. You should get litle credit for this, and if you used sprites then you should have use that extra time to make more scenes.

F1Krazy responds:

F*ck off, bitch.


Make a madness movie maker or another scene creator with more items like the
MP5K or add more melee weapons (Great game 10/10)

i have some ideas if itl help?.?

maby u cood ad an ax a cast you no the kind that hank put on every time he died. christan bale face ha! and how abowt the auditor if you can get a sprite for him.Great game though i give it a six!

Oh boy. another scene creator, yaaaaaaaaaaaay.....

Seriously, these things are waaaay too over done. I mean, there are millions of these, and only one good one I know of. The one good one had a music select and HUNDREDS of different items, but every single Madness scene creator after it just has a few items and then some random room.
You have a one just because you gave the ability to rotate the items, but it was kind of weird doing it though, I would suggest making it so that you click and hold on it, and then press the arrow keys to rotate it. But rotating it is something that is commonly forgotten about, and it makes any scene creator or dress up better, but it will still be a crappy dress up, so bleh.

F1Krazy responds:

How many times? If you don't like scene creators, don't play them!