Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

Alt. Ending Much better.

see title. Made it worth it.

Low IQ's

The enemies were way to stupid, even for madness. The majority of the time they just stood there like maquins. Still, it did have it's good parts. The elevator scene was classic. The combat sequences could use a lot of work, but it's not a bad madness short.

Not Bad!

The animation could use a little work, but overall I was pretty impressed. Clever.

ahahahaha lol to angry face!

when someone atack the guys, they just stay there waiting for something...thats wierd

lol to some newground references, btw when you are lvl 20 in the newgrounds, you get the right to engage the angry face while you re in the street =O

BTW: Dude, when you trow the magnet away...the gun go with it!! -_- (im the only one who looked?)


but theres a Tomfulp soundboard if u need it.