Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

Well it wasnt bad

l kind of liked all the kills and stuffs and is that TOM FULP.

MarcyVF responds:

Yeah :P

Original but not that funny.

Great animation, but not the best drawings I've seen. Very original, but the supposed to be humor wasn't funny. The fights were very good, the cheating was original and good. Good music, and overall I'd have to give it a 8/10.

Man, that was fun!

It was quite interesting because you really felt in the Madness universe, but at the same time you felt that you we're watching something from the Vad Flaaten brothers, so I really liked that. And also for the fact that you used classic victims, but at the same time created the Tom Fulp and Krinkels version of the Madness characters, which was original, but not as original as the Angry Faic Madness character, and THAT, was totally unexpected, and it was just so cool, I mean come on, an Angry Faic Madness guy.
Whats cool about your films, you always find a certain kind of humor which at certain moments is really hilarious, example: the skater series, the TT series, and in this movie, the alternative ending, which was just fabulous, I especialy liked the elevater scene with the music, and that last scene with "What a wonderful world" track, perfect choice guys. About the elevator scene, I think it's really cool that you used that kind of jazzy song rather than elevator music from NG, I just think it's a great choice. I also just saw that you guys made two tracks especialy for this movie, and thats even cooler, making the music for your own film, even I am not able to do that...
You guys will certainly always a pretty big part of NG laugh for sure.


OMG!! you killed krinkles!!

damn yooooouuuu!!!!!!

this is my second favorite madness movie