Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

This isn't madness :D

There is no way that this can be madness.. because I enjoyed it :D
I normally hate madness but this was so good :D

I especially loved the angry faic bit, that made me lol

5/5 10/10


Best one I've seen so far. I loved the alternative ending (Cuz I wanted Krinkels to win and it was funny)
But anyway when Tom jumps down after killing that guard with the rocket launcher I saw a group of madness guys standing near eachother discussing something.. and suddenly one of them lost his head... Anyway I shouldn't whine about something small, just giving a tip. I loved the movie, it was long, good, and original!

Krinkels is death

there s no more madness...
really good animation!



the best madness ever

MarcyVF responds:

WOW! (Exaggerated? :P) Thanks a lot!