Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

lol very funny

Funny in all aspects I dont know how you can improve it.


Very well done man. The only thing I noticed was most of the "Victims" didn't do much to fight back against Tom. The movie still rocked though.

MarcyVF responds:

I see your point. Thanks for the feedback.


haha lol this is mint I mean its cool but it cude be beter

MarcyVF responds:


lol omg im sure both krinkels and tom are rofl!!!!

lol great flash this is truly something thats never been done before and should be done more often i think so if tom is hank and krinkels is the sheriff who should play the clown and jesus?

yay ,but aww

i can only give u a 9 becuse u killed krinkels D: .and if tom died i cant give u stars cuz thered be no maddes. !!!!omg! noooo D: