Reviews for "Madness Streak Ep. 5"

I must say

You've come a long way in animating since you made the first one you've really improved i liked it alot except i think you should drop the whole magician thing its getting kinda old and seeing how they just revive themselves makes them pretty pointless


you really improved on this one you went from blocky blood messedup audio to down right awesome movie you earned a 10!

i'll give it a 7

good work, but to get a more madness feel, make the heads bigger, also less throwing people 30 feet into the air, there's kool, and then there's ridiculus...keep it up though my fellow brazilian!


this is alot better than the 4th. i enjoyed it.

Gabriel Barsch Proudly what?!

Horrible, I still see no skill at all no matter how hard I try.

GabrielBarsch responds:

now i understand, i will fix it