Reviews for "Madness Streak Ep. 5"

i liked it

first of all, the animations were smooth, and i appreciate that very much.
also that you drew the character sprites yourself is a plus, although in my opinion their bodies were a bit too long, but i'm a fan of thick lines too, so i don't judge this much worse in my rating because of that.
the tetris part was funny, and even more, the big tetris guy.
the lightsaber fights were my favourites, especially because they went pretty smooth and quick.
and at the end there was a short part where the protagonist jumped off the stairs killing everybody on it that i liked pretty much.

but there also were some parts that i liked less; the details.
some 'powers', like lightning etc, were drawn pretty bad. some blood shmeres were drawn pretty bad as well, i think you drew those yourself.
but definately not a bad movie, so i will give you 9/10 and 5/5


this is more action packed then anitin but is 2 short plz make madness streak 6 longer or is there a problem


i think u just saw starwars before u maked this 1 btw its cool whit the Warcraft 3 sounds btw Awsome Movie ^^

Like it

Very good I apreciate the addition of lightsabers to madness.

P.S: What is a sprite?

I REALLY don't like your sprites.

I'm giving you an 8 because the animation is godly but the sprites are ugly.

GabrielBarsch responds:

everbody hate my sprites