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Reviews for "Madness Regent"

igive it a ten

this game kicks ass but the ending is lame but still a cool game

I would give it a 9 since it can always be longer

But I beat the clown with 1 health so I'll give it a 10 :P

The pinacle of tributes!

When one wants to pay homage to a popular game or video, one must take into consideration the tone, themes, and ideas embodied in the original work. This game not only shows a great understanding of Krinkle's work, but also the feel and image of the original series. The artwork is second to none, with the enemies appearing as they do in the original Madness series. Additional backround and scenery if amazing and a real treat for the player, adding to the crazy nature of the game with intricate environments and suprisingly creative obstacles. The ability to embelish upon the original Madness series is very exciting when playing this game for the first time, and players will have a great time while trying out their inner killer at this game.

Controls are a fluid, yet slow, and rash actions and quick movements will not get you far. You must be aware of you surroundings at all times to achieve your goal. Unlimited ammo is a nice touch, making the enjoyment of the game your only concern.

The short length of the game is a bit disappointing, but it's just as interesting and challenging the second or third time around.

i like it

great game of madness


okish, it did have checkpoints.