Reviews for "MADNESS: the root of it"

the end was lame

first i thought it was going to be pretty funny.
but then the end came... it was a fail to me, the start was good.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

"it was a fail to me"


Any MMORPG's with whales??
Maybe Krinkels can become a lvl 5 warrior and counter sue...

But seriously... lvl 5 is good on that shit?!
Sounds pretty damn lame.
Holy shit i'm a whale!


Yay1337 what are you doing!? you can't bring chain letters to newgrounds! it wont work! NG is to administered for it to work, NG is safe from the pure blackness of the Abyss we call the Internet. For now....

And to the movie!!!!!1111one

I thought it was really really good untill the whale came out of nowhere and was like "Holy shit I'm a whale" then I was lost and like duuhhhhhh and still liked it though!

Holy shit I'm a whale!

Very well put together, great facial animations and lipsync = awesome.

Holy shit 5&10!

My favorite thing about this was his facial expressions on the couch! Very nice work. After 36 reviews: Still Approved!

Gimme gimme shock treatment!