Reviews for "MADNESS: the root of it"

Very creative!

Nice job giving the charater emotion.


"holy $hit im a whale thats funny
one question did tricky kill that guy

haha man

that was alot of fun man, I love your lip syncing in the beginning the most,

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

thats what i spent the most time ooonnn


the only good graphics was the flower and it didnt even get to the root problem unless it was the whale the whole thing didnt realy make sence next time make one of these when you aren't high on coke and meth

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

lol i just looked at your userpage
i dont think you could be any more pretentious
in fact...you're TOO pretentious.
i will assume you are a clever alt made by someone i know.

I hate u

how could u calm down a madman what is wrong with u u just took a huge sh8 all over my fking madnessday!!!!

i hope u die in a sewer or get stepped on by a mutant ant

p.s. good flash the story line and animation held well toget also the lipsinck was terrible but u portrade it in a way that i should be like that

good way to cover ur tracks i hope to see more form u in the future