Reviews for "Three Guys and a Tree"

Have to say....

I am giving it a 8/10 b/c it has a great feel to it. The song was perfect LOL
I laughed as Jesus came in....lol


i gotta tell ya. when i first hit play, i thought it was gonna be a spammy, crappily made flash that you hurried out in an hour for something to submit. but i was pleasantly surprised to find that i was actually good and enjoyable :-)

i completely loathe that song, but it did not detract from the entertainment value. nice work


Way to get a lot of characters involved, the whole cartoon antics thing worked out pretty well for this style. Plus, the Thriller cameo was amazing in itself.


Some hand drawn madness with a bit of frame by framing.

Fkin Awsome!!!

Dude that was the best Madness flash ever! Haha no 1 can kill the sheriff and Michel Jackson zombie!!! lol xD Keep making great flashes!