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Reviews for "Doodle: Stickman Quest!"


One of the best games I've played on NG, I like how the paper changes haha. Oh and I don't know what that guy below me was doing, I didn't find one glitch. Great job! 5/5

Simple enough, but glitchy and boring

It's pretty fun, but there are a major glitches.

First is that you can jump from below a floor and go through it, thus landing on top. Judging by your level design, I'm guessing this wasn't intended. The game is a lot easier if you utilize this.

Second, and much more major: sometimes, when jumping and landing somewhere, you become unable to walk. You can only jump out of it. A lot of the time, it's the result of jumping up to a higher level, then back down to the bottom. It makes it a LOT harder to play.

Aside from the glitches, it has no powerups, only one song, no bosses (that I reached: I got to level 4) and no checkpoints. It gets pretty boring pretty fast, but for about 1 minute, it's somewhat fun.


If I jump, I get stuck and have to keep jumping to finish the level. Also, the coins aren't required, and there is no challenge really. I suggest you re-submit this and fix those minor errors, and you would have a fantastic game.


Hahah, that was pretty fun. BUT after, it got boring. o: Cause it was collecting coins, then dodge the stick people, and then finally go into that door.

The game overall wasnt that bad, but needs a bit more than jumping, collecting coins, dodging[In this case Jumping] over enemies. Add like new eneimes, different weapons to use, etc etc. So, yep.

I did really enjoy this game tho, it was pretty simple, stress free, and easy to play. No "intense" clicking or, slamming your keyboard cause you lost a life in your game or something like that. :P I'd hope to see this to be more developed. :D Hope to see more from you.

Keep up the hard work. :]


But no attacking? still it's good