Reviews for "MADNESS: Hank's Nemesis"


score 3521.7


where can i find a simple madness guy or download it

but still i liked the story and the idea it was fun to play it


Yay for challenge

It's a very fun, challenging game... mostly because you can't attack...
But, when my score was about 500, the nightstick guys were beating all the zombies to death and the giants were getting killed by the laz0r. Kind of weird.

JPGarcia responds:

yea, they don't like each other

Awsome flash

It is a good flash because there is a challenge Which is hard but still its a very awsome game 5/5 10/10 Keep up the good work!

-Metalslugpwns :D

DANG YOU!!!!!!!!

Why do you have to make it so good. I cant stop playing it.

JPGarcia responds:

lol.. sorry?