Reviews for "MADNESS: Hank's Nemesis"

I was lucking the last one alive

Guys can you make it like survival game the lame person alive and you get guns to kill the bad guys cause atfer i was the only one the game continued hat made me board and im sure it will make everybody else board and JPGarcia/Programmer two owrds: Need Guns!!!!!
Peace out yo!!!

needs guns...

but otherwize not bad 4/5 8/10

Not bad

2275.5 :D The enemies should disappear 1-2 seconds after killed to add performance boost, however otherwise this game is not bad at all.

awsum but...

yea, it would be so over pwning if u would make multiplayer game of this and some veapons

Good game!

I got 2145 by the way. BEAT THAT. If you had some weapons and you could move a bit faster taht would be awesome.