Reviews for "Metal Gear Boredom"

Not bad

not to bad so hears a 8

wasnt expecting that

i wasnt expecting it to be that good but it made me laugh haha


This should have so been in Metal Gear Collab it was
funny, and nice animated, and it had great audio, and the
file size wasn't really that big, in view.
anyways awesome job. :D


How did this not get in? This is better then half of the poor made animations IN the collab. Honestly, you did something original and it doesn't get in, but Gay joke rewrites and copies get in? How in the hell? Good job! Really, this is far better then 48/50ths the crap that got into the collabs! Keep up the good work and keep being original with jokes.

short but awesome!!!!

i wasn't cracking up(maby cause im really tiered and board) but that was friken genius!

It may have been short but man you did that well!

FlukeDude responds:

Thank you very much. :)