Reviews for "The Cake Quest"

Was very random

It was hard to keep up with...

Good animation though i liked it.

Very Nicely Done

Your animating stayed true to the madness style, while poking fun at how confusing it can get sometimes.
And who could resist your portal references?
Well done. One little suggestion though, is next time, instead of remaining completely loyal to the madness style, try to break free from it a bit, and make it truly notable.


I loved the idea since it combines portal with madness, but honestly I tihnk it could've been better like the story. I liked the graphics almost as good as krinkels i noticed the difference but honestly it was small so in other words really good! The sound quality was good with sound compression I'm impressed. Some artists can't do that right. I loved the part were how the guy turned up the radio and there my song was for madness day lol thanks for that i was a little dissapointed it wasn't that long but still pretty cool.

In summary, I think this was good flash but you could make this into something better, you should make another attempt by making a second if you will. Bravo.

great animation

though buying a new cake would have been a lot of smarter :)

pretty good pretty good

good flash, now going to watch some of your other work.