Reviews for "The Cake Quest"

Well, ok.

At first it looked good, and things soon got better, till the part were the elevator crashed.

At that point i was lost.

But when the truck part came, it felt like madness again.

So.. 8/10 5/5

I liked it... kinda

well i liked the idea of him going after the cake but some things about it just don't remind me of madness, for instance at the end the part where he gets all black and red and stuff and with the random zombie. and at some parts you didnt animate his gun so it just stood still. However over all i liked it.


it was good, but it made no sense...oh well thats madness for you.. still awesome tho!


omg it is so friking wird i gona to fart on hank now behkose that he did

el mejor movie :)

el mejor movie del madness combat :D