Reviews for "The Cake Quest"

very good

the animation is good but the music... well for all

Really Great!

Could use a bit of refining, but definately a great madness day flash. Better than most I'll see fo' rizzle. Nice job!

worth ur time

personally i like the part where he gets all red black and catches the bullet :)
do make a sequel

I love this...

For a lot of reasons. This is one of my favorite flashes.
- I love Portal, and it's a great game
- The quality is good
- Got style and smooth violence
My only complaints are that it was a bit confusing, and there wasn't enough violence. I mean, the guy only kills 30 or so people, and he fights them mostly 2 or 3 at a time. 9/10 because of that. MOAR VIOLENCE PL0X

OK, could be better

WOW first blood?!? Gamer. BTW, the cake is never a lie