Reviews for "The Cake Quest"

OK, could be better

WOW first blood?!? Gamer. BTW, the cake is never a lie


not cool


this movie is te slowest madnessmovie ever!!!! i would have given ita 10 rate if it wasnt so slow. p.s. CAKE! p.s.s THE CAKE IS A LIE


Unlike all the other crap out there, your flash had a good storyline and is long enough to tell it. I think this fls really showa how awesome you are. congrats.(:


!WARNING! what i am about to say is umm... words! YES WORDS!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!.. wait... thats not scary!?!?!.. hmmm....... uhhhh..... i know! wait no... bunnys arent scary either..... ehhh.... i dont know... just read wat im about to say.. gawd !WARNING OVER!

this is awsome!! i loved it! you should make a part 2 or even a series..at least a part 2! wait... why is there a warning above me?!?!?!?!.. AHHHH IT FELL ON ME!!! HEEELLLLPPPPP!!!! AHHHH!!!!

!WARNING (agian)! HA! death is scary! and evil! take that you *sshole!!! >_> oh gawd HES BACK AGGGHHH HES RIPPEN OUT MA INSIDEZ!!!!!!!! HEEELLLLPPPP!!! !WARNING OVER! wait this isint a revi-- OH MY GOD WAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?!?!

why are we all diein--- ooooo a present! *opens* 0_0 a bomb! *boom* THE END!