Reviews for "The Cake Quest"

why was the first boom in hebrew?
anyway great Madness!
Best madness non-hank hero i saw

SHIT! THAT WAS EPIC! HE GOT 'Verry Raged' and got power again (but better), and catched bullet with hand! AND PWNED ASSHOLE WHAT STOLEN HIS CAKE!
Moral: Never take someones cake because he can massive PWN you >.<
Hero:Show me ya moves!
Guard hurting: Wait wut!? o.o

This is really one of the better Madness flashes I've seen in awhile. It mostly works because the designs are so unique. I just love not knowing what crazy thing is going to show up next in this weird thing. I thought the guy looked more like God (well, some depictions of him at least) than it did look like Jesus. I thought this was going to be a game where you would try to get a cake. A pity he never does get his cake or at least not in this cartoon.

It reminds me of the "Madness Interactive" game which started with Hank going after the Sherieff because he stole his pie. Cakes are better than pies of course. So there is a cake so I guess it's not a lie, huh? Anyway, it was neat to see all these unique guys going around everywhere. Congrats on the high score!

MORAL: Don't steal someone's cake just for compleating Portal.

how can he catch a bullet?