Reviews for "~Shotgun~"

Not worth the coding

While I am still a supporter of using Newgrounds as your own petty attack system as much as the next user (which is to say, not at all), I still must say that this lovely little pile of cropped jpgs and hyper music is not worth the coding you put into it.

You have
-A boring concept. Let's face it: even the original Deffender got boring once the novelty wore off.
-Little to no animation. A tiny loop of one of your friends doing pelvic thrusts will hardly get you an 'A' in an arts' school.
-A muffled firing sound effect. I can't tell if you're saying "troll golf" or "frog rolf," and I'm sure any number of websites have free gun sound effects available.
-A difficulty curve that fails to entertain. I know from experience that coding is hard, but if I could understand in high school the mechanics behind writing the code for a learning tic-tac-toe algorithm, I think you can figure out a way to increase the difficulty of the game as time wears on. Even if the target got smaller, that would be something.

So, petty, immature, myspace-styled attack aside, you made one horrible game. Good job covering up that fact with your misinforming submission icon and your choice of a hyper-remix of an overused internet meme of a song. Please spend longer than one hour on your future submissions, and in return, the users of newgrounds will stop giving you such a horrible score.

Stealthily yours,
-The Ninjkabat

pwanchi responds:

Yeah this was just the only time I'm submitting something like this. Was a nice review though =)


lol, funny stuff. Just for a joke, this is funny.


posting Pleas dont blame this isnt gona make us change our mind... -_-

i seriously don't get this and i don't feel like looking up what it is, so im just gonna say that this game is very simple but i guess amusing for a minute... what ever

This games difficulty is defently very easy though =/


Nice game, funny music =D