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Reviews for "FF:BfN2: A New War"

paradox look at yo hp

ITS OVER 9000!!!! I lold at the General Faggotry thing, overall very funny

Paradox responds:

Cheers. :)

Didn't think it would take too long for users to catch on to to the blatant 'over 9000' reference, though. Hopefully this doesn't seem too much like I'm encouraging memes, because truthfully, memes aren't funny.

But yeah, thanks for enjoying, thanks for the review. :)

Did anybody else notice that Paradox's health is over 9000?

heh..that was pretty good

but i do just have one tiny little question...what's up with the infinite magic? oh yeah..if you haven't finished FF6..you should finish it..its a very good game

Paradox responds:

It's just the system I chose to use for the movie. I didn't base it on FF6 or anything. But yes, I will surely play the entire game some day. Thanks for the review. :)

Awesome Flash!

This is better than the first one! But, infinite magic? That's a bit weird...


I see you have put some work to this, and I guess it has payed off afterall. Good video :)