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Reviews for "FF:BfN2: A New War"

heh..that was pretty good

but i do just have one tiny little question...what's up with the infinite magic? oh yeah..if you haven't finished FF6..you should finish it..its a very good game

Paradox responds:

It's just the system I chose to use for the movie. I didn't base it on FF6 or anything. But yes, I will surely play the entire game some day. Thanks for the review. :)

Good work

It wasn't fantastic, but I think the idea was pretty original. Also, nice job for putting Paradox's HP at 9001. I'm surprised no one else noticed that!

Paradox responds:

Oh, I'm sure they did. I just hope I don't get loads of shit from people claiming I'm trying to be funny by ripping off an old meme. Just a bit of fun, but I'm sure sooner or later someone will take it seriously.

Thanks for the review. :)

Great Stuff

Rather than actually talking about the flash, because I thought it was all good, I'll just tell you that that song is actually used in every FF game after 4 (except for tactics). After you beat FF6, listen to the music that plays when the Falcon catches Terra and she undoes her hairtie. Though, they actually do use that song a lot in FF4.

Paradox responds:

ooooo I didn't know that. I've never completed FF6. Didn't think it was in every game after IV, though?

Thanks for the review. :)

Awesome and epic

I don't really like sprite flashes, but this is different. I'm going to put my highs and lows. Also not adding this anyway, lol at Wade farting.

The jokes were funny
The story follows the last one
This one is 10 times better then the last one.
The sprites were well done
The preloader was great

The background looked choppy
We're going to have to wait ages for the sequel.


Paradox responds:

Cheers. Yeah, it was hard reducing the size of the Newgrounds backgrounds whilst keeping the quality, so I couldn't really make up for those. On the whole, the backgrounds were still relatively decent quality, so it wasn't worth trying to fix in my opinion. And yes, it will be VERY hard to rack up the motivation to make the last part in what will be a trilogy.

Thanks for the positive comments also, glad to see the humour had a great impact on the movie, because I'm aware it doesn't have much else. As for comparing it to the prequel, yeah, I personally think I did a lot better with this one. Although the animation's very much the same, I did put a lot more effort into certain parts whereas I jumped loads of fences in the first movie. That's probably why it took me four weeks with loads of breaks, haha.

Cheers for more constructive criticism, and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. :)

I've seen better, but this was good.

For a sprite-based animation, this one spells, "experienced talent," all over it. Not to say that's bad -- the amount of effort put into it is evident. It's just that, when compared to some of the other greats available on this site, it pales badly. Then again, I highly doubt your goal was to submit this for comparison rather than entertainment, so I'll just say, this flash was a cut above the rest.

Probably would have given this a three on the side score, but the small jokes in the credits pushed up the rating in your favor. It was good, but a little sluggish in some places.

Paradox responds:

I'd never submit something for comparison to other work on NG. I'm well aware that I don't come close to many other artists, including sprite-users on NG, so I wouldn't focus on making it particularly impressive in those areas. So in that respect, you're correct, I made this purely for the entertainment (as well as improving my own skill), and I feel I got a lot of out of it. I like it a lot more than its prequel.

I probably could have made the action a lot more fast-paced, but unlike with the prequel I lacked A LOT of motivation this time round. Even for this, I often got bored and took breaks as long as a week - until I finally decided that I'd might as well get it done and over with. I would focus on making this a lot better and with a lot more action and interesting elements if I had more motivation. A little more experience would help, too.

Thanks for the review. It's good to see some constructive criticism.