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Reviews for "Ragdoll Fun"

Pretty Cool

This is pretty cool, although it could use some more features.

Kevin responds:


Pretty Good

Fairly Basic, but a fun little tim waster.

Kevin responds:

who's tim?


It was mostly ok but it was kinda boring. You should try adding weapons, God powers, and stuff like that. Good luck on the rest of your work! ;)

Kevin responds:

Like interactive buddy?


I didn't like it, especially cuz there was that other version where you can use different weapons and whatnot on a Ragdoll which was way better.

You could do better dude. :]

a ragdoll game

thats really all there was to say. pick him up, thow him, repeat. the size thing didnt add much, you should add some things to throw him into or some backgrounds. i was only going to give you a couple of points, but i like what you did with the sound when you move him.