Reviews for "Rwd: 021 Meet'n'fuck"

the end

its what happens to us all when we finish some later then others but it happens :(


You nailed it! Love the voice actor.


You've pretty much got the "Meet n' Fuck" formula down to pat in this movie. That's all you do is try to say the right thing, rub the girl in the right places, and then have sex. It's the same every... Single... Time! Actually I think it would have been funny if someone made a movie of someone playing so many Meet n' Fuck games that they experience Meet n' Fuck burnout.

I love the animation style, and the movie was just well done in general, great work!


OMG SHE MOANED AT ME! priceless!


I bet he'll play Meet n' Fuck Cancer Ward in a few hours. The regrets only last until the next boner.