Reviews for "PSP Squirrels"

Oh Geee

That was madness i loved it im gonna stab you! Thank you dude this was great man i loved it. Im still laughing his eye rolls off its good stufff


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make a series out of this!!!
at least 5 more....maybe like, have tha pist dude calm down ....then he see's tha next commercial bout tha squirrels "hittin that" then flippin out again....but dammit, always make him scream! its fuckin hilarious!

btw i own a psp :-)


Lol that was funny as hell. I remember those commercials and thought the SAME exact thing lol. but i still bought it and i still like it. I really think they coulda done something better for the advertising... gawd those were horrible lol.


just plain awesome


It's a nut...that you can play with...outside. I can't stop laughing and crying. Funny ass shit man.