Reviews for "PSP Squirrels"


your videos are so awesome man!!


that is true the commercials


"You can play nut! outside!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAH!!!!" XD
i love your movies, man.

lmao (gotta watch it again!) @@)

I remember that Easter egg and always wondered when you would make a redux of it (got my answer ^^D) I dissagree (and put useless) with all of the reviews that say that you are loseing your touch. reduxes are just the begginging if you ask me. your finally going to work on new material instead of collabs (which I loved in MGS collab, but I do agree that The last video in the collab was tons funnyer, seings how they have to save the best for last, but Im going into unessessary crap here). so keep the fire on Egoraptor! Your Animation is top notch, now make new jokes to go with them (as if he will read this) ^^D.


i have a knife ill fucking kill you! lmao i got a gun in a my pocket! why?!?!!? HAHAHA i love it!