Reviews for "PSP Squirrels"


I was going to recommend, but I see sooooo many people already recommended you.


You can play nuts.. outside!?! WHAAAAAAAAT!?!

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This is the funniest thing you've done so far in my opinion when he asks why the dude has a gun and he screams BECAUSE! it just kills me.

XD Funny

I say its quite hilarious. "its a Piece of shit. *crosses piece of shit out.* Nut. you can play outside." XD i like when hes threatening larry.


I thought this was a boring "Egoraptor-movie", but it ... damnn.....
I laughed SO hard, and ... fuck.
This shit is too good.
5/5. This needs a sequel, 100% randomness, 100% retarded-ness, and 100% Raptorness >:D