Reviews for "PSP Squirrels"

this should be a commercial

i dont know what his problem was but i suddenly want to buy a psp


What the fuck is this shit?

I can't stop watching this, ego. I can't stop.

My stomach now hurts

I've been a pretty big fan of your videos for a while now, but this, this is a class all its own. I honestly can't think of anything on newgrounds that is close to as funny as this. The advertisement was spot on, and the rest of the video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internet. The transitions, the expressions of the characters, the voices, the over the top animation, it was all flawless. The line about the TVs, when he waves his arm, absolutely hysterical. I hardly ever write reviews, or even log in, but this video was so great I just had to. Thank you very much.

Why do you have a knife?!

"Because just for such an occasion'! I love this video

P.S.- I thought your favorite animations were Metal Gear awsome 1 & 2? I mean they're my favorite at least.


I have a family to feed!!! This crap was hilarious!!! =P It seems as if most every cuss word was also used in this lol...