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Reviews for "Stunt Bike Deluxe"


loved it


I've been playing a lot of games like this lately and I just can't get over them. Liked the physics in this; it posed a challenge because it was all too easy to be flipped over unexpectedly. Had a hell of a time playing it, and had a heap of fun just watched the bike (especially the third model) spinning around and progressively reaching new heights. Brilliant graphics, and the levels were nice; loved the Aztec/Incan-ish forest/jungle setting - very atmospheric. Music was pretty good too, and the mute button was handy.
<3 Much love, you kept me entertained for ages.


the only reason i took offa point was because the atv and bike's kept rotating too fast, sensitivity was waaaay to high.

cool man

but whats up with lvl three why is it so balls hard
lawlz kiddin man but thats where i stopped cause i got bored of it quick but nice game though its just this type of physics game is really overdone so i gave you
9/10 but i also gave you 5/5 :)


runs smooth, looks great, and fun to play. only a couple of problems really, one slight and one kind of major. the first problem is with the sound; i wasnt really feeing the music, but you had an off switch for that so it was taken care of. the sound effects could use some work though. the same engine sound all the time got old, you should try adding some enviremental sound effects such as when you bounce off of something or on different terrains. the other problem was that it was just to short. i got through the 10 levels so fast i had to play the game a coule of times for it to seem worth playing. even when i was done with my final go through, i was left wanting more but the levels were no longer amusing. add some more levels and fix up the sound a little and you got one hell of a game.