Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"


What a crazy awesome flash move, I really did enjoy it. The first time I watched it I was really mesmerized by your psychedelic animation and drawing style, the story was really confusing. But then after wards I read that intro again and it all made sense the second time I watched it through. Not unlike watching Flcl and being confused the first time and then understanding everything the next couple times you watch it.
Anyway, like I said the animation was really crazy, but it a good way. It was very dynamic and fun to watch, the music matched really well. One small complaint I have, though, is the majority of the time the drawings and everything were really awesome and great and then sometimes they looked like they were drawn with less effort. It didn't happen a lot but the lack of harmony from some images to the next kind of threw me off.
However all in all this is really really impressive, I see the ridiculous amount of effort that must have gone into it and I commend you for it. I could watch this one again and again and always be entertained and notice something new I missed the first time.

u get 5

i hate how i liked this.


kill me if you want but i really liked this movie ^-^