Reviews for "The Bukakke Udon Song"


apart from the sleazy clusterfuck that is this movie, I can tell that you probably put forth a lot of effort on this heaping thing. Unfortunately the flash artist in me simply can't condemn a person that puts fourth true effort in an animation. So rather then give you an unintelligent fuck you accompanied by a 0, I'm going to try to give some sort of constructive review.

Obviously there will no doubt be "oh my god tits and ass vote 5" reviews, which I'm sure you understand is a certain way to guarantee pageviews. But appart from that I had absolutely no idea what was going on. It appears as though that some malevolent force is abducting (oversized) women in an attempt to grind them into noodles. Basicly some people that look like bad guys move around on the screen till they fight the (clique) queen of hentai and you realize they're actually the good guys. Not that I complain about this: but on a semantics point of view, you'd think that hentai queen would want to be a horrid clique for pornography, not some crazed thing making noodles out of people.

Though you probably tried fairly hard on this, it would of been perfectly fine if you cut out the porno crap. Of course it probably will help you get at least twice the recognition, the people who would truly appreciate work are not the braindead fabs looking for a quick fap. You've turned something with potential into a steaming pile of clique "ass'n'titties" light porn film.

But I digress, if this is what you want to do go right ahead. If you truly want to be a shepherd for preteens and +21 virgins looking to wave their dicks in approval, go right ahead. Because my words wouldn't be worth being written if you're just another one of them minus the fact you can actually animate.

LOL! Nice

That was like a hot-cross between Heavy Metal the movie, anime & super-hero friends. I don't think that description does this justice. Great job! Was that all hand-animated?

d-z responds:

Yep, and my black and yellow mouse!


Didn't like the music, hated the video. Only giving a decent score because i'll admit it was animated well.

d-z responds:

They will grow on you, promise ;-}


That was awsome beyond measure!

d-z responds:

Hey thanks!

Astroninja rules!

Levan is really pale like that huh? lol

Only people who listen to their music would know who the characters are in this flash. I love how Bobby the sheep turns into a huge ass robot. Thats amazing. The song is amazing, and i love this flash, its also amazing.

Ive loved Astroninja for a while now and i was surprised when i saw this on here. I love you now.


d-z responds:

Nope that's just an exaggeration lol