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Reviews for "Faggot Sapiens - Utopia"

Its gotta westcoast feel to it

At some points the instrumental part was really fucking awesome. Just too quiet when played w/ the vocals. You should get a Full On isolated instrumental part in their! Yea, jus to break up some of the monotony, but its still a kick ass song dude.

ShanZE responds:

Thanks for the review CC!

Yeah I used sidechain compression on the vox and it does that :D There are so many tracks that I couldn't get them all to play well simultaneously so there's a lot of automation going on and the drums are pretty much in the background... But I'm glad you liked the song, that to me is what really matters!

Never have I ever.

You never cease to amaze me sir. I love your vocals. Both in lyrical form and melody. They always take my breath away. You are the perfect mix of rasp and tune. I have bought your albums and can't wait for more! Also I agree with Counter, it does have a very STP Core mixed with Soundgarden Louder than Love sound for this song. I effing love it. 10'd and 5'd!

ShanZE responds:

Thank you! I love STP and I consider Soundgarden the best band ever so I'm happy to get that :D I'll keep 'em coming!

i love it!

this is great! the guitar work is sweet-sounding, then attacks the ears brutally :) i love the lyrics "yesterday contaminates tomorrow" and your voice is like sultry and also big and loud. great stuff, man. a gem for your archives :p

ShanZE responds:

Thanks man, I'm really glad you like it! I tried new things on this one, added strings and organs but in the end it still became this big noisy mess and I kinda like the way it turned out "wrong" :D

Always a pleasure to hear your opinion man, let's keep trying our best to make music good again!

"My eye only sees into yesterday
And yesterday contaminates tomorrow"
and tomorrow got so corrupted you vanished for over 1000 tomorrows. This was such a bad ass piece to walk out of the door with.

ShanZE responds:

Times are indeed strange. Thank you so much, I also really dig this song it remains one of my best still. Nice to be back now!

Great stuff man.