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Reviews for "The Black Fish"

The opening should have been cut

The effort put in for a first flash definitely makes this flash deserve a place in the portal. However, the opening where the fish is drawn almost made me close the movie and blam it. In general, shape tweens should never be used when the tween scrambles things up in the process of changing. Some of the later blood tweens looked ok.
If the movie just opened up with the fish story it would have gone a long way to drawing in the viewer.
The choice of music was good and served as a nice backdrop.

ur a dork!!!!!

but ima giv eu a 7 cause it was funny and corky. keep at it though! not sure if u were trying to match parts of the flash to the music but if u were they were close but a little off if not then its all good take care m8. oh and the off scene blood was a great addition i was expecting it but not in a" crap here it comes" but a ha i knew it thats cool kinda way

Well done

The music fit perfectly with the lone hunter lifestyle the fish was having. The ending was a bit forced though.

Overall really great even with the simple graphics.

You should also consider looping that song better or perhaps getting a remix of that song to play at the important parts and maybe a few other songs to play at other times because it was a bit monotonous even if it was an awesome song.


There really isn't anything constructive I can say except, "practice more before submitting another". Add sound, add better music (tired of this sonic chase music), this would make a better game (mildly).

Nice Start

As for a start its a nice one, you know what you are doing, just need to learn a bit more about flash, like adding dynamic movements, like the mouth of the fish could move.

But keep up, you are in the way, ; )