Reviews for "::Hope Alive - SonAmy::"


of all the sonamy videos ive seen so far..yours is the best, i liked it a lot :P

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you so much!! :D We put a lot of effort into it X3

Really Great

I don't know why, but this is an amazing video

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you! :D

did i start a trend?

i was the first person to upload a Sonamy vid to the lovely NG, and now this is the 3rd one uploaded XD, thanx for spreading the love!

about your video, it's really good, just a couple of things though, the voices were really faint [i would have missed Amy's if it wasn't for the subtitles] and the fact that the music ended so abruptly, other than that it's a really good movie

well done

[PS] link doesn't work, there is a space that messes it up, and when i took out the space it came back with the file not found error, i had to manually search for it on your deviantart account

WendyAtticus responds:

Tehe X3 Coulda done :D We've all been flash making maniacs for quite some time and this is one of the few we decided to work on and finish together ^_^ Thank you too! I'm gonna have to watch your Sonamy vid now! :D

I tried making the voices louder and whatnot but it gets so scratchy, it's sad D: We should have just had them silent maybe... but it really needed what they said too. *shrugs* Hopefully our next movie will come out better ^^

I just noticed the link has so many spaces in it :o I spose NG doesn't like the links in the description... I gotta find a way around that XD

Awesoness :O

The animation was great :D
as well for the audio, and nice choice
of music, :] and the fact that it's sonamy.
Great work. ^-^

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you very much! ^^

Definitly The Best Sonamy Flash I Remember Seeing

The Thing Is I Don't Remember Seeing One...But That Doesn't Make It Any Less Good^^

WendyAtticus responds:

Tehe! Thank you so much! :D