Reviews for "::Hope Alive - SonAmy::"

Can I have more?

and so it happens again, just sitting here looking at what my fav artists have been making, and then I see this one. first thing that comes to mind:
"Yay, now I can have my daily dosis of cute."
And as always, you never disappoint. the plot was nice, atmosphere was good, caracters were nicely drawn.
Christmas-hugs to all three of you.
happy holidays
- Nick

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you so much! :D *Christmas Hug* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! ^__^

Not much

This movie wasn't much (pretty short) but it was still very sweet. I admit that the rose disappearing was a pretty good concept.

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you :)


very nicely done w/ good choice of music.
sticks very close 2 sonic's personallity, as well as amy's (closer w/ amy's)
alot of effort was obveously put into this.
not a chance this isnt going in my favs list.
all your work blows my mind, keep it up!

WendyAtticus responds:

Wow! Thank you so very much! :D
I'm hoping to do another movie or two next year *crosses fingers* If the chance gets to me.

Evil Sonic

That was both sweet... AND a little bit evil of sonic. Great animation though, well done ^-^

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you XD lol


Great job looks good and it rules!

WendyAtticus responds:

Thanks! :D