Reviews for "::Hope Alive - SonAmy::"

ha i knew it!

i knew one rose was fake! Sonic buddy you have a good heart! O yeah, how about a replay button at the end?

WendyAtticus responds:

Hehe, I think he could be really romantic if he tried~ XD


I didn't see that one coming, nice drawings, nice animation, nice script.

Very nice =)

WendyAtticus responds:

Thank you so much! ^_^

okay not normally into stuff like this but...

from you anything is good.its going on my favorites.

WendyAtticus responds:

Tehe, well thank you! :)

Why wont sega do this!!

| quess peaple who call sonic gay is because he wont go out with amy......and I kinda found a catch to it..."until the last rose wilts and dies"....doesn't that include amy "rose"? Anyways greta animation!

WendyAtticus responds:

Tehe XD Yeah. lol, I could have! But we weren't sure if people would catch on to that :D Thanks for the 9!

nicely done

lol its fake!

WendyAtticus responds:

Thanks X3